2004 I’m black, I’m white Saros The Eigth Dawn, 2009 The Fall of Hermes Circus Hello World, 2006 Azure Line, 2000 Uncertainty What's left over? Jump Every Day Jump Every Day Nightime Silence Gortyna Dream The Last Initiation 1 Every Night 2 To Be Free Grey is Burning
Born in Lodz, in 1976. He studied at the Faculty of Fashion and Textile Design at the State College of Fine Art in Lodz, in years 1998-2003. He received a diploma with distinction, he made his specialization in the field of tapestry and carpet design extended to painting and graphic design. Individual exhibitions: 1995 – Painting and sculpture, Bałucki Ośrodek Kultury „Rondo”, Lodz 1997 – Photography, Galeria Teatru Studyjnego, Lodz 2002 – Graphic art and painting, Galeria „Pod Napięciem”, Lodz 2003 – Graphic art and painting, T. Durski, I. Cieszko, T. Kaczkowski, Uniwersytet Śląski filia Cieszyn 2004 – Graphic art, Galeria Amcor Rentsch, Lodz - Painting, Galeria Wydziału Edukacji Wizualnej ASP, Łódź - Graphic art, ”Galeria Stara” ŁDK, Łódź Collective exhibitions: 2002 - Exhibition of works from the studio of painting at the department of visual education, ASP Gallery, Lodz. - Exhibition of works from professor’s Mariusz Kowalski studio of arras and carpet design. Central Museum of Textile Design, Lodz. - Exhibition of works from screen print workshop Galeria Teatru Nowego, Lodz. - Exhibition accompanying the concert “Colors of Rythym”, Arthur Rubinstein Philharmonic, Lodz.