Silence, 1979 Letter from Toledo, 1999 Nose, 1987 Mondo Cane, 1981-2003 Jordan's Park, 1994 Krystyna's world, 1985 Actress VIIB - The Wave, 1993 747, 2005 Gloria (Letter from Vatican), 2005 Hibiskus rosa-sinensis, 2009 We are Women, 1957 Men and wolves, 1959 La capitale della spirrito Close, 2009 Staring, 2009 Fishing I, 1963 Uroczysko, 1964 Inicjacja I, 1973 Short story about contemporary man III, 1993/2008 Teufel in Seide, 1958 Letter from Zaborek, 2006 The Seventh Seal, 1958 Duomo Evening in the Heaven, 2011 Autobiography, 2013/2015 Untitled Untitled Orange Orange Ward of intoxicated, 2014 Ghost Melody, 2014 Zuzanna i chłopcy, 1961 Miejsce na ziemi, 1960 Fear, 1957 Eine Nacht in Venedig, Director, Georg Wildhagen, 1954 Czołpon - kwiat poranku, 1960 Panterka Pani Domu, 2013
Posters and graphic art. These two disciplines are extremely attractive, although each of them had a different destinantion. A poster was designed to be, first of all, informative, and to advertise certain events or products in a more eye-catching way than a raw form. For graphics, the place of its very beginning, was home. It is undeniable, that within these two disciplines, Polish artists had achieved a great amounf of global successes. Our current exhibition was made to remind you of a position, attractiveness and decorativeness of art, made by our eminent artists.