What's left over? With a White Rectangle, 2000 Vertical Horizontal Fugere in aeternitas suprema lex esto, 2008 School of Things, 2008 Two zones, 2008 Europe, 2005 Heads, 2007 Heads, 2007 Heads, 2007 One part of the whole, 2010 Meadow, 2010 Murder, 1976 Constellation, 2005 Fishing I, 1963 Fields, 1964 Lonely Dapple 4th of November 2012 10 X 2012 Canis Lapus Compromise Bull Flamingo Poniekad skadinad, version I, 2010 Skadinad donikad, 2010 Hommage a Mr. Magritte Zuzanna i starcy Untiteld, 1992 Untitled, 1996
Modern apartments, offices need an "artistic" accent, finishing in one word graphics. We do not mean reproduction of paintings or photo wallpapers. We offer artistic graphics, which are created in limited series. Each of them numbered and signed. Well framed make in the interiors a unique climate. At our new exhibition we show selected works by artists who have cooperated with our gallery for many years. This time there are large formats ranging from 100x70 cm to 140x400 cm. Black and white and colourfull graphics. It's just a small part of what you can see and buy in our gallery.