Illustration: Gucio and Cezar Untitled, 1986, (illustration for Michael Ende, Neverending Story) Illustration: O piracie Rum-Barbari i o czymś jeszcze (II edittion), 1974 Illustration: Green hedgehogs Untitled, 1964, illustration to book: Marian Bielicki Cat and mouse - Ilustration, 1996 Story about Palemon Corsair Offside trap 'Bajki', I. Krasicki - illustration, 1985 Illustration for a book illustration „Wróbelek Elemelek” to Our Calendar illustration ,,turbulent history of Rhubarb Pirate Untitled, 1969, illustration to book: Jerzy Ficowski Fire Night walk illustration to Baśń o korsarzu Polemonie by Julian Tuwim, 2011 A pirate with a guinea pig, 2011 Red Riding Hood and the wolf Cziken, 2002 Illustration from: Rogaś z doliny Roztoki Untitled Polar Bear, 1987 The Painter - satirical drawing The smell of a flower About a minute too late - Kidnapping in Tiutiurlistan (Wojciech Żukrowski), 2010 r „Family Ties”, Liz Stone, 2001 Untitled, illustration to the magazine: A red butterfly