Cover design for Graphis 3-20 A.M Chrysanthemums II Family Ties, Liz Stone Ground zero I\'m in you... Mickey at sunset Misteroid 2 Hommage to Heinrich Anton Uper East Siders O! Apparition XXXIV Ktuś, Cuś, Ji Exploding senses Apparition XXXIII Extrasensual extrapolation Call for entries Humpty Dumpty The window - Poland Across Tits 1 Apparition XXXII Tits 3 Confrontation Sketch for sketch Sleep Nr. MXLIV Fig Adamski hat\\\'s Self-portrait Self-portrait Fear has big ears Lion s share Geometric flowers I Self-portrait + Chrysanthemums A concious tool Geometric flowers II Geometric flowers III Geometric flowers IV Strange visitor Ruins Self-portrait with a tail Self-portrait quarrelsome Exploding senses II Suffragist Self-portrait scattered Bysior New Earth What ?! Flower VII Von Karajana shameful beginings Bad Tits 2 M+A+M Dudi made in USA