The Race for Peace, 50's, lithography, paper, 31x51cm The Choir, 1953, lithograpy, paper, 32x35 The Painter, lithography, paper, 19x29 cm A Beach, 50;s, mised tehnique,paper, 32x25cm The Test of Steel, 1953, lithography, paper, 23x30 cm A Feast, 1957, lithography, paper, 40x53cm The Migrate Exhibition, 1951, litography, paper, 26x36cm Pigeones over The Sukiennice, 1987, silkscreen, paper, 40x27cm The Object, 1967, lithography, paper, 45x42 cm Trials of Writting, watercolour, paper, 30x41 cm Without Title (U) 2004_2009, drawing, paper, 51x45cm The Thaw, 1994, watercolour, paper, 52x75 cm Parawan, 2007, watercolour, paper, 50x70cm Record III, 1982, drawing, paper 51x69 cm Without Title (8), 1968, drawing, paper, 50x75 cm Records 1980, drawing, paper, 37x 48 cm Without Title (C) 1969, drawing, paper, 53x38cm Without Title (F) 2008, gouache, paper, 74x47cm The Blue Wave 2008, gouache, paper, 61x47cm The Hill 2001, gouache, paper,50x66cm Two Densities 2008, gouache, paper, 72x52 cm Tests of being 2009, gouache, paper, 72x52cm Without title (I) 2008, gouache, paper, 74x54cm Without title (H) 1968, gouache, paper, 52x78 cm Boys on the Beach 1998, watercolour, paper, 47x61cm Boys on the Beach 1995, gouache, paper, 75x52 Boys on the Beach 1999, watercolour, paper, 52x75cm Birth of objects 2002, watercolour, paper, 30x41 cm