Kitchen stairs from: cycle from: the Stag Party from Outdoor Painting, from: The Poet about the World from: Little life's prose, 2003 Magician from: the Fish for good morning, 2003 A few moments before the beginning of the world, 2010 Landscape with the river, 1999 Garden of the first love, 2007 Sky on the Horizon, 2009 The Touch, 2004 The Buildig of Fool, 2007 Garden of first love, 2006 Rhythmic breath coniferous forest, 2013 Flower, 2012 Garden with domescitated hedgehog, 2013 Delight sunflowers, 2013 Piękno drzemiące w kwiatach z cyklu: Destination Unknown from: the Don Kichot in exile, 2013 from the The Pearl Fishers from: Festive fishing from the Day building, 2009 Cloud for sailor, 2009 Pure landscape to admire from: the While watching nature, from: the Florist in regional costume from: the Visible record of the nascent stream from: the The creator of the oceans from: the Another attempt to discovery of America with another happy ending, from the Domestic production of big dreams, 2014 Everyday things and thoughts rescued from oblivion,from the Koniec samotnosci, 2014 Non-volatile but frivolous life of fowl from: Tree with multi-generational tradition from: Miracles derived from the land, Freedom of existence, 2006 The landscape with charming skyline, from The gift, from: I am taking with me some of your thouhgts, 2013 Patrimony, from the from cycle: Gothic sky, 2016 The memory of tree, 2016 Deep breath of the earth, 2016 The coniferous tree with a crown, 2015 The Pitcher and his master, 2015 Nice woman for God, 2015 The source of imagination, 2016 To serve the neighbor, 2015 Time stopped, 2015 Dzien urodzin, z cyklu: Kamienne tablice z cyklu: Wielorodzinny dom wąsatych ślimaków z cyklu: Lek na bol istnienia z cyklu: Nikt nie wnika w nocne zycie slonecznika z cyklu: Wszelka pomyslnosc z cyklu: Zona jubilera jest jak diament, 2004 Moment natchnienia, moment spełnienia, 2018 Muz krolowa - natchnienia mowa, 2018 Za rogi byka branie i zwyciezanie, 2018 Podrozy poczatku potrzeba duchowego watku, 2005 Great influx Heart Dream in your arms