Kostka szczescia, 2003 Mondo Cane, 1981-2003 Black tower  Toscan still life, 2003 Popoludnie fauna, 2000 La continua Fortuna di Raffaello Kwiat jednej nocy Dolne Mlyny Spring collection Butterfly, 2004 Black cock, 2003 Touch of summer Hibiskus rosa-sinensis, 2009 Minotaur, 2009 The Rite of Spring, 2008 Lampart, 2011 Collection, 2009 Kartka z Barcelony Paradise Gate Lalkowisko La capitale della spirrito Fat fish, 2011 Insects - countryside sketches, 2011 Gates of Babilon Farewell of summer Lalkarz Space angel Paradise butterfly, 2007 Lily and bindweed Ark W trawach Plony, 1979 Tezeusz W chińskiej muszli Luki Ariadna Forum Selfportrait Cats, 2018 Untitled Résumé, 2017