Polish jewish cultural posters 5 years Head Hunters, 2006 Jewish Culture in Polish Poster 1957 100th anniversary of Psychiatric Hospital, 2003 Made in Egypt Graphics from Cracow 5th Ceratothelium simum Salmo Salar Haliaeetus Albicilla Gawialis Gangeticus Lucanus Cervus Gorilla Gorilla Rupicapra Rupicapra Tatrica Elaphe Longissima El Maestro Y El Discipulo Art Institut in Cieszyn Football is OK Satyrykon 5th The Theatre's alive Graphic Tomasz Tobolewski, Sebastian Kubica Life Compromise FEKTELEN SZABADSAG VAGY AZ OTTHON NYUGALMA Molier Another pair of shoes?! Freedom to B1 Carcharodon carcharis Dialogue Us and our broken Christ Graphics by Monika Starowicz