To kill a mockingbird Famine, 1967 Letter Picture, 2012 Jazz Jamboree 68 The 1st of May, 1968 Two Weeks in September The Birds The Charge of the Light Brigade, 1968 Oedipus Rex, 1967 The VIII International Chopin Piano Competition ( Jazz Jamboree '69 Point Blank Toast, 1969 The 1st of May Circus, 1965 Circus Tom Jones, 1965 First Scream, 1965 Wilcowa Street Medium cool Support your local Sheriff Countess Full steam ahead Late afternoon, 1967 XXXV Foire Internationale de Poznań Le Nozze de Figaro Juliet and Romeo Far from the Madding Crowd Duel on the island Royal mistake Big love Silence Polish blues Ape Regina Days of books and technical press Light on face Pieczone golobki, 1966 Wystawa austriackich wydawnictw muzycznych w Czytelni Austriackiej w Warszawie, 1969