Hommage a Touloues-Lautrec Essen. The Poster Museum in Wilanów, 1985 Citizen Kane Deadly cold winter Corleone, 1978 Les Enfants du Paradis, 1987 Don Carlos, 1985 Rigoletto, 1987 Le baruffe Chiozotte Brother of Our God, 1982 Fatal beauty, 1989, director: Tom Holland Les Enfants du Paradis, 1987 Avalanche, 1980 M. A. S. H., 1990 The Merry Wives of Windsor, 2000 Exiles, 1987 Eustachy Wasilkowski, 1994 Figurativ tendences in polish art Co dzien blizej nieba, 1983 High Noon, 1987 Anticasanova, 1987 The Stunt Man, 1983 Castiglioni Poznan Musical Spring Christ stopped at Ebola Sylph Gift from Heaven Chopin in the Colours of Autumn Raiders of the Lost Ark Wisława Szymborska Karlowicz Harry Angel Grzegorz Marszalek Grzegorz Marszalek Posters Beethoven our contemporary Wedding once again, 1981 Untitled Untitled (Wine), 1991 Blues Brothers Merde, 1995 Woman and woman, 1980 Mendelssohn Romeo and Juliet Tadeusz Brzozowski Students Friends