First variation on new Runs (part 1) Presentation ... (part 3), 2005 r. Presentation ... (part 2), 2005 r. Inside, 2001 r. Horse from Cara Loma Horse from Cara Loma 2 Lonely  Horse Working proof In front of Inside, 2009 r. Sketch for New Runs (21a) Working proof, 2006 r. Runs (part 5) Runs (part 1) Runs (part 7) Runs (part 6) Runs (part 2) Runs (part 8) Runs (part 3) Runs (part 9) Titian\'s Venus Verocchios Venus Giorgione's Venus, 2008 r. Odalisque, 2010 r. Runs (part 4) Third Second, 1998 r. Eleventh, 1998 r. Fiftinth, 1998 r. Bez tytułu Transitions ...(4,5,6) Leaps (second register) Leaps Transitions new runs (register 7, 8, 9) Titian's Danaes, 2009 r. Bordones Venuses Giordano' and Velazquez's Venuses, 2009 r. Titian\'s Venuses Titian\'s Venus and Ingre\'s Odalisque Giorgiones Venus and Palma Vecchios Venus First variation on new runs (part 1) Galaxy Horse from Casa Lome Lonely Dapple Two Belgians and Venus of Urbino, 2009 r. Variations on new Runs I, 2010 r. Plate with three dogs, 2010 r. Variations on new runs II New runs (register 10, 11, 12) New runs, 2010 r. Big Dapple Little White Presentation... part 3 Three sketches for new Runs