Nacht-Samborski - Painting, 1999 Poland Invites Buffooms Once Upon a Time in America, 1984 School of Wives Mister Thaddeus The Italian Girl in Algiers Cinderella The Countess The Duel The Meteor Art of Japan Circus, 1978 Polish Bethleem A Portrait of Shunkin, 1978 Giselle Circus Clown with a Trumpet The Interrupted Act, 1984 Kobieta w kapeluszu, 1985 The Immortal Chimera, 2001 Cultural Poster Jan Mlodozeniec - Posters The Seventh Commandment Baird IXth/Xth International Poster Biennale Swann in Love, 1985 The Consul I love you darling Krol IV Otto Axer 1906-1983 Painting Drawing Poland the Country of Folklore, 1971 Powodzenia stary, 1976 Szkarlatna wyspa, 1987 r., M. Bulhakow (IX) X Miedzynarodowe Biennale Plakatu, 1984 Wedding Spring Showroom of Polish Poster Sutjeska Winners of the 1st International Poster Biennial Warsaw Blue Velvet, 1987 Fuss in Recoo, 1987 Youth Forum Kolor w grafice, 1991 Gremlins, 1985, director Joe Dante Picasso Baba-Dziwo, 1978 Want to be in Movies, Girl ?, 1978 Heavenly Bodies, 1981	Malone, 1988 Ordinary people, 1981 Heavenly Bodies, 1981	We wladzy ojca, 1978 Coming Home, 1980 Mystic Pizza, 1990 McQ, 1975 La verita In cimento Romantyczni, 1970 Spacer w wiosennym deszczu, 1972 Tato, ja już wyszłam za maz!, 1977 Klamczucha, 1981